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Discover and create competitive or goal-based challenges in any activity – most workouts completed, who wore it best, top vegan cooking recipe, lose five pounds…

Challenge Your Friends


Walkathon Challenge

Amy and her friends ended up in different places after graduation. To keep in touch, Amy challenged all her friends to see who could walk the most. Miles are automatically synced into mibi through Amy’s FitBit, Mike’s Jawbone, and even Sam’s iPhone, so Mike can’t lie about his miles after Amy wins!

Challenge Yourself


Cuisine Adventure Challenge

Jesse just had sushi for the first time and realized he was missing out on food from other cultures. On mibi, he joined a monthly challenge to motivate himself to broaden his palate. Now he looks forward to the challenge each month and chats with others to share recommendations on what to eat next.

Challenge The World


Green City Challenge

Pat and Laura wanted to help the environment and liven up the area where they live. They created the “Green City” challenge and invited people across Facebook, Twitter and other networks. Now they can see a real-time global leaderboard as people post creative ways to bring nature into their neighborhoods.



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